It’s not just a womenswear brand, it’s a way of life. Silvia Garcia Presas, founder and creative director of the brand, graduated at the Royal College of Art (London) and started THEAVANT in 2004. Since then, she has always expressed very unique values in her timeless clothing. Tradition, culture, travels and dance are a never ending source of inspiration for her collections.

At THE AVANT our motto is that every garment has to be a perfect, comfortable fit. To do so, each pattern is studied meticulously, and each fabric or fiber chosen for its fine quality. Everything is designed and made in Barcelona, Spain. Local production ensures a healthy supply chain, and it’s our strategy to sustain local communities and provide new job opportunities while preserving the quality of the environment.

Silvia’s designs, in her own words are “timeless and unique pieces, subtle with an androgynous attitude”. They aren’t mass-produced, so they are practically one of a kind.

Silvia knew her brand would be based in Barcelona, the place she grew up and felt so strongly influenced by. So when she decided to open a boutique she made sure it was in one of the nicest streets in the city and in an emblematic building of the Catalan Modernism era. The interior is an ambient full of Mediterranean vibes, white walls and Majorcan cement floors.

Silvia leads an all women team, together they build the essence behind the brand, each calling themselves a #theavantfemme.

What are you waiting for to invest in a piece that will last you a lifetime and become a




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