A captivating beauty, an inspiring serenity. This is Veronica Blume.

The 90s iconic model and the designer of THEAVANT, Silvia García Presas, are two colliding forces of fashion. Two souls who admire each other and share the same vision of womenswear.

Alex Rademakers' black and white analogical camera captured the beauty and joy of Veronica Blume in a privileged scenery. This wonderful session did not need any makeup or editing. “I was stunned to see Veronica move, how she glowed on her own. Moving like an angel in front of Alex’s camera”, says Silvia. “She is a great model, who has grown up choosing her path, naturally and honestly. She has always seemed to be herself, complex and transparent in her thoughts. Beautiful woman. Amazing person. Generous beyond belief."

A radiant morning during which two inspiring women enjoyed the clothes in total complicity.

Veronica wears our Sparkles dress

What is essential in your life? The references that give you peace of mind and stability.

The moments of simplicity. Nature. My Yoga practice. Sit with myself every day. The beauty of the little things that have no end. My family, my chosen family, my cats, my dog​​...

Veronica wears our Ben sweater

And when stability is lost, how do you deal with insecurity and fear?

Feeling them all! I feel intensely both what is beautiful and what is apparently not beautiful, but which often hides more than beautiful learning. When something needs to be felt, I can't help feeling it all.

Meditating, writing, or walking in silence listening to the voices that need to be heard are my medicine.

And keep the confidence that the sun comes out again. And when the sun rises after having felt, kicked, accepted and released, it shines much stronger and warmer.

Veronica wears our Sparkles dress

Being free is an aim to pursue for many people. What about you?

I always dreamed of being free and one fine day I realized that freedom actually scared me. Identifying myself with places, people and especially with love protected me at the same time.

Now I feel freedom as a state that begins inside myself. Free to feel. Free to be. Free to not be. Free to disappoint... without disappointing myself. Free to dream, to make mistakes, to enjoy and to share.

Veronica wears the Rosie Bolero and the Maggie Jeans

How important is nature in your life?

This year two dreams have come true in my life: I adopted a dog that I love and we have gone to live in a village, surrounded by nature.

I really feel that my nervous system has completely changed since I take daily walks, discover new paths and observe the spectacle of nature transforming every day and sustaining our existence.

I need to get out, go into the forest and cross large meadows. It is part of my way back to me and it is my daily energy battery.

What is fashion for you?

Fashion stopped being a profession for me and now, from a different maturity, I understand it as an extension of myself.

Veronica By THEAVANT

Veronica wears the Glam shirt, the Elise pants and the Classic black leather belt

How do you choose your clothes?

I like to wear comfortable clothes that allow me to be free and at the same time make me feel embraced. Especially in winter.

I don’t buy a lot of garments but the ones I wear make me fall in love from the senses.

A color, a texture, a shape that I did not know in myself and I like to inhabit.

My relationship with fashion is now a relationship of love when I find clothes that I feel are consistent with everything I am and what I can be on a special occasion.

Veronica wears the Sparkles dress

How do you connect with the THEAVANT brand?

My relationship with THEAVANT is a love story of those that come slowly and then fully settle. This is true love. I totally connect with the softness of the fabrics, the exquisite and simple designs, the colors and the love and care that are involved in each garment.

I feel at home, because all the women who are part of THEAVANT are inspiring and true. And Silvia ... Silvia is one of those people who does not leave you indifferent. The talent, the humility, the beauty and the bubbly energy that I want to have close to in my life!

Veronica wears the Angel coat, the Glam shirt, the Elise pants y el Classic black leather belt

What pieces from THEAVANT do you love most?

I wrap myself in the sweaters like someone who gets lost in a hug.

I rediscover myself as a woman, as a girl, elegant and free within dresses.

I love all pants... because it is not easy to identify with pants and THEAVANT seems to have created them for my body.

Veronica wears the Ben sweater

Would you recommend a beach to us?

Any beach on the Costa Brava at sunrise. Because at dawn, magic reigns.

A place in the world to take refuge?

My home! Actually, in recent years I have learned that you don't have to go far...

Veronica wears the Friday Night dress

A book that you would give to everyone?

UNTAMED by Glennon Doyle, because I'm blown away by its authenticity and the super powerful message it has for women.


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Photography: Alex Rademakers

Direction and Stylism: Silvia García Presas