For the launch of the Fall21 Collection, Silvia wanted to do something different. Truly different. 

In her daily walks in the streets of Barcelona, Silvia can’t help but notice people with a singular beauty, an eye-catching style and a special attitude that make them different. They are everyday people, from different backgrounds, ages, cultures. She thought these common people could be models for her garments.

She decided to go to the Barceloneta (seaside neighborhood) with Carme, our Instagram manager, and give it a try. Go and ask the anonymous girls who caught her attention if they’d accept to be photographed for THEAVANT’s new collection, just there, in the street. That was such a success that Silvia came to the conclusion that that’s how she would launch her Fall21 Campaign. And we naturally called it “COMMON PEOPLE”.

Silvia explains: “I wanted to evade a bit from the classical way to do shootings. I don’t reject or disapprove of the way we’ve done things so far, and we will do it again of course. I just wanted to explore, experience and feel more connected to who I am. At least for once. And it bloody felt amazing!”

Diversity and spontaneity

What Silvia wanted to show to the world with this campaign was diversity and spontaneity.

“I don’t believe there is just one type of beauty. Diversity is key for me. Taking pictures of so many different girls gave me the opportunity to present our clothing through a large variety of body shapes, skins, hairs and attitudes. Sometimes combining our pieces with their own clothing. Because our garments can be worn by countless types of women and in a million different ways!”

Shooting in the streets meant many hours of work, but we also gained spontaneity, something that is harder to get with a “classical” shooting.

“By doing the shootings in the middle of the streets, with just a smartphone, without any preparation for these girls we caught by surprise, gave a lot of freshness to the moment and to the pictures.”