Works of art. Silvia García Presas' designs are unique creations, from different inspirational backgrounds and with eclectic styles, but with a common requirement: fine and impeccable tailoring.

The Emma capsule of this spring 2022 stands out for its delicacy, and for the complexity of its pattern and production. They are garments made with very fine fabrics (silk muslin and cotton-silk voile), which require a lot of manual work and high-level technical knowledge (ruffles, drapes, fold finishes, knots...).

In our atelier in Barcelona, ​​our seamstresses take about 8 hours to make a dress, made up of no less than 17 different pieces. A very premium fashion craft.

The pieces are dyed with a color carefully studied by the designer, fine spring tones.

Exquisite garments, little treasures that accompany the natural beauty of women.