All directions, is how all life can be, anyway is right. Silvia shows a particular taste for colour combinations and a delicate approach to texture. Feeding her soul with trips, her work becomes naturally instinctive and the clothes emotionally timeless. She's fascinated with old clothes, hand crafted techniques and popular costumes. Going to the border with unusual big seamless patterns and unique talent for styling them. The clothes reflect a non-gender attitude. Nothing is too feminine or too masculine. The clothes are influenced by daily life details and dance is a never ending source of inspiration. THE AVANT is a contemporary brand that appeals to women of all ages with young minds. 

    Silvia Garcia Presas completed her MA in fashion womenswear at the Royal College of Art in London in 2002. She launched her brand in 2004. The brand designs and produces in Barcelona with a team that over the years have become family. All clothes are made by skilled seamstresses combining craftsmanship with the latest techniques, paying a meticulous attention to details. Local production ensures the best quality, and a quick feedback with our loyal customers. A distinction of the brand are the sublime selection of fibers and fabrics, all mixed in between silks, wools and cottons. The fluency of dancers moves, lies behind her signature dyed silk dresses, in a non- trend subtle range of colours, from neutral and earthy tones to bold, energetic hues.

    The Avant’s Universe is sensual, exuberant and poetic. Looking for the beauty in shapes. Completing this appealing universe, there is the Primitiu corner, an assortment of artisanal objects and complements that the designer discovers in her trips around the world. Jewelry, foulards, ceramics, rugs, towels, cushions and natural cosmetics, all merge surprisingly well with the space and add more value to the overall The Avant experience.

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