If you care nicely our pieces, they will last forever! So, here you have few advices:
    SILK, LINEN AND COTTON dyed clothes should be taken care of in a certain way:

    • Turn garment inside out before washing.
    • Machine wash in cold water. Short program.
    • Natural soap.
    • Do not scrub garment against itself.
    • Do not attempt to remove stains by scrubbing.
    • No chemicals.
    • No fabric softener.
    • Low spin.
    • Hang to dry.
    • Steam (no iron).

    We wash the knitted pieces only once per season. If they get smelly, just leave them for a while outside. If you have any trouble with holes and whatever, write us an e-mail and we will explain you how to fix it.

    • Short program, washing machine, cold water.
    • Natural soap.
    • No chemicals.
    • No fabric softener
    • Low spin.
    • Dry flat onto a towel.

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