Silvia's world is a feminine silhouette, with delicate volumes on shoulders and hips, giving space and freedom, granting a certain power. Adjustable waists with belts or garments with elastics that give length to the entire silhouette. Full of details and precision, looking for balance and harmony of the whole through the small gesture of the garment.

Fabrics are vaporous and light, or fitting to the body to provide comfort and security.

Color palettes are one of Silvia's virtues. There are watery beige and pearly white, light pink and orange, clear sky blue.

Prints are unique and drawn by her, with references to ancient fabrics from her travels. Romantic pink and red flowers from her childhood, arabesque shapes in sky blue and golden brown from Iran, and African drawings of Marrakech tapestries.


Summer nights are full of transparency and tied at the waist, with endless drapes and ruffles, and high sandals. Days are ridden by an Amazon who confidently steps on the adventure of everyday life. Walking through the hectic city, with sweaters tied at the waist and laptop under her arm, wearing sneakers and socks.

It is an honest and intimate collection. Silvia listened to her heartbeat and presented it in the form of clothing that will last FOREVER.

We create stories to enter into a new stage. SPRING21

Silvia was that girl and this woman


"I used to wear a pale pink tracksuit, a cotton voile shirt wider than my body. My mother’s striped sailor jersey, my distressed jeans had a twist and a cut below the knee. I always walked barefoot.

A bag with erased pink and red flowers that I found in a drawer, which are now printed on the fine silk of my new collection. That princess dress with pleats at a hip that didn't exist.

My legs have stretched and I can see the ankles under the skirts, the transparency of the cotton voile, and the salmon silk.

Memory is full of colors and shapes that stay alive without a heart or lungs. Like that trip to Iran and the veils of those women, or the African print of Marrakech."