THEAVANT bags celebrate craftsmanship and exclusivity.

Silvia García Presas has been collaborating with the same leather master craftsman since her beginnings. Francisco combines his long experience in creating and crafting leather for the luxury sector (Loewe, Dior, Carolina Herrera,...), a unique savoir-faire and high-quality materials to create modern objects of desire.

We have visited his workshop in Barcelona to capture the beauty of artisanal and local production, and reveal the value, history and authenticity of our bags.

Francisco showed us the different stages of manufacturing our accessories: piece-per-piece hand cutting with a knife, gluing, roller ironing, machine sewing, among others. Expert hands that make gestures filled with poetry in our eyes.

The leather used for THEAVANT bags are bovine Suede leather of Spanish origin, and vegetable-tanned lamb leather (without chemicals) of Italian origin. The highly resistant metal elements (carabiners, pickets...) are produced in Catalonia, in a factory that works for international luxury brands.

High quality materials, expert hands and original design are the essential ingredients of THEAVANT bags.

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